Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, in the endeavor to green up the world, on October 1, 2008, one of the workers on the turbine project inadvertently polluted the St. Lawrence River a little more than it was before.  The worker, now an ex-worker, a scapegoat no doubt, transferred an amount of diesel oil from one barge to another, except he sort of poured it directly into the water instead of into the other boat.  I heard of this on my way home, and immediately went out and took pictures before the goons caught on and blocked my way.  I was met by a delightful young man named  Ben, an engineer hired, no doubt, for his abilities to schmooze and downplay serious environmental mistakes.  Fortunately, I have become immune to the kind of charm these people exude.  He explained it was just a small spill--nothing to be concerned about, and it had probably already evaporated into the air. (The AIR, Ben, that's the stuff we breathe..) He said it was harmless to wildlife and other living things, and as he spoke, I played the dumb girl, a part I have perfected over the years, and snapped the pictures included here.

Later that evening, there was a meeting with representatives from four government agencies and the some mid-level management types from the windmill project.  We were told that only 1,500 liters were spilled into the water.  I figure that if they admit to 1,500, it was probably closer to 3,000 liters. And to appease the residents of Hell Island, sorry..Wolfe Island, they told us they got rid of the fellow that made the 'mistake'.  Let's hope they only fired him and he's not in the bottom of one of the windmill holes!

Should you be strolling along the St. Lawrence River in the vicinity of Wolfe Island and come across some dead things, like fish, ducks, geese, otters, and whatever, feel free to call Steve from the Ministry of the Environment.  His work number is 1-416-739-5908, and his cell is 1-416-579-5476.

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