Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Mr. Smitherman

Now that the wind turbines are up and running and keeping people awake at night, you'd think the underhandedness and deceit would be over. Well, think again. This past Thursday, there was an almost secret celebration for the administrators, politicians and the occasional supporter of the wind farms. I use the word secret, in that the event was not publicized, only certain people were issued invitations, and, my favorite part, a contingency of law enforcement officers were dispatched to subdue any would be protesters!

Energy Minister George Smitherman was the catch of the day at the 'Grand Opening' of the Wolfe Island Wind Project. His impending visit was kept very quiet, apparently because Smitherman was "deathly afraid" he would face protests at the event as he did in KIncardine in April. Well, the brave and courageous Mr. Smitherman dodged that bullet with the help of dozens of policemen who really weren't needed since most of us dangerous and rebellious law breakers WENT TO WORK AS USUAL!

The government released some of the details of the visit on Wednesday afternoon confirming that Smitherman and Environment Minister John Gerretsen would be at the Wolfe Island event, but it offered no site address and told reporters they had to RSVP, but did not say how to do that.

Reporters could have found out the details had they known the prospective guests. How they would have figured that one out is anybody's guess. The couple who had to move because the quality of air was compromised by the traffic on their road was not invited. The residents who dealt daily with an overloaded boat were not invited. The people who live with the flicker of the lights from the turbines were not invited. The people who cannot sleep nights with the infinite noise of the blades were not invited. And the people who drive daily on sub standard roads were not invited. Once again, the residents of Wolfe Island are inconsequential and disrespected.

Who was invited? Lots of politicians on all levels, the higher ups of Canadian Hydro, and the upper echelons of Wolfe Island society (HAHAHA, just kidding about that part!).It was a back patting sort of affair, made to make people feel important about themselves, and, at the same time, safe from those scary protesters.

You can run Mr. Smitherman, but you can't hide...