Monday, October 20, 2008

A Matter of Days

It is only a matter of a few days before the first 
windmill will be completely up on Wolfe Island.  
Yesterday, I observed one third of the first turbine 
between Third and Fourth Line Roads on Baseline. 
Today another section was added. Unless it is 
smote by a higher power or hit by lightning, it looks 
like it's finally happening. I feel helpless that I can't 
do anything about it, and I feel angry that it things are
going as planned. Well, more or less anyway.
The Island is at the mercy of a bunch of overpaid 
wind experts. They have monitored the winds in test 
zones,they have carefully calculated the placement of 
each and every turbine so that it works at its maximum
potential (okay, maybe just a couple of them), and they
have hired the best experts in the field of wind energy.
Here I could make a bunch of jokes and comments
about wind experts, but I won't. You have to supply your own.
So. Wind experts. Experts on wind. They know wind.  
They get paid big bucks--big government bucks--to harness
the wind. So I wish one of them would tell me, who forgot
to factor in the velocity of the wind on the river. That
very same river that Gordon Lightfoot sings about in
"The Wreck of The Edmund Fitzgerald"! The barge
on which the wind experts are bringing their trucks,
their cranes, their apprentice wind experts, cannot
cross the water to the Island when the winds exceed
20 kilometres per hour! Actually, they have modified
this so that it the barge may actually take on 25kph. The
forecast for tomorrow has winds gusting at 55 kph!
This little bit of irony pleases me. Obviously, ignoring
the power of the wind on the water is an expensive 
mistake on their part, and that pleases me too. And
they don't realize that November brings gales that can
make even the saltiest sailor lose his breakfast. And
lunch for that matter. But what displeases me and the
other people who ride the ferry each day twice a day
to get back and forth to work is that when the winds are
too much for the wimpy barge, the trucks, transports and
traffic from the turbine project take the ferry.
It concerns me that such monstrous vehicles will 
hasten the normal wear and tear on the Wolfe Islander,
and create a potentially dangerous situation for those
who rely on the ferry for their livelihood.

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