Wednesday, July 15, 2009


A close look at one of the 86 hands

This morning, a friend of mine called to tell me that there was a sculpture out on the 2nd Line Road, a spot where one can bask under the shadow of the turbines.  She told me that the installation piece was doomed to be destroyed, and if I wanted to see it, I should get there quickly. Not even knowing what I was looking for, I immediately went out, knowing that I would recognize it when I saw it.  And I did.
This is what I saw; perfectly executed hands, in all different positions, holding rocks, poised to throw.  Since there were 86 hands, I interpreted the piece to be a protest against the 86 windmills, possibly done by someone else who got very little sleep over the weekend.  A tired mind can be a great visionary.  
My friend sees it as people buried, and reaching up from the ground to throw stones at the turbines.  Perhaps they are the same people who are rolling over in their graves over what has been done to their island.  I am reminded of the story 'The Lottery' by Shirley Jackson where the townspeople drew lots to see which of the villagers would be stoned to death as a sacrifice to insure a bountiful harvest.
Wolfe Island is home to many talented artists, my friend included, but a guerilla installation of rock throwing hands is an avant-gard concept.  Since civil disobedience is so much more difficult than it was in the sixties, we must make our statements when, where and how we can, and in ways that are legal. 
It is a given that the installation will be destroyed, if it hasn't been already.  It's a shame, a lot of work went into the piece as did, I imagine, a lot of emotion.  I hope a lot of people get to see it, to take pictures, to talk about on the boat in the morning.  Perhaps they will think of some creative forms of protest, a positive way to transform this negative experience.

Sculpted hands poised to stone the turbine


  1. My name is Nikki Horton. I LOVE the way you write in your blog. I have also started a blog called I started my blog in an effort to keep some sort of diary of the disturbance and health affects my family has been feeling since the wind turbines were erected 600m from our home in Blenheim, ON. As I read parts of your blog, I thought to myself - I could have written this! It is virtually the same experience! I too am amazed by the lack of movement on the health and noise issues by our government and listen in amazement as wind representatives speak about how "most people are not disturbed" and "there is no evidence to show that turbines cause any type of disruption or health issues"...I have tried to keep emotions out of my blog for the most part as I do not want to be labelled as "anti-green" or "anti-wind" becuase truly I am not. I am all for progress and green energy, but not at the cost of our health and our lifestyle. Like you, my family had come to enjoy our home in the bush, away from the city. Now, instead of neighbors, we have wind turbines and they keep us up ALL NIGHT - literally. I applaud your postings in the blog and I enjoy your writing style. I hope you will continue to blog your experiences and I truly hope you do not begin to experience other side effects as we have. Just because they are erected, does not mean this is over - we need to speak up together and show our government that there are many people being affected in many ways by these metal giants that are springing up all over Ontario. Nikki Horton -

  2. i am so glad i found your blog. thank you.