Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Wolfe Island, looking like "War of the Worlds"

Well, hell no, I don't like them, but it appears that we are stuck with them.  And as of today with 68 of them erected, it's kind of hard to ignore them.  So no matter who you are, or where you look, you see these monoliths of industry.  

Think about it.  Suppose you were one of the majority of people who did not get windmills on your property, but you weren't averse to the idea of wind energy. And say your neighbor did. And say your neighbor didn't want them ruining his view of nature, so he puts them at the back of his property which abuts your property. Now, every time you go into the kitchen to do the dishes or mix yourself a drink which you seem to be doing a lot lately, you see his windmills practically in your back yard. What do you think of "greed energy" now?

Suppose you hated the concept of  a bunch of 45 storey structures dotting the landscape of one of the few remaining pristine islands in the country.  And one evening, when you come home from work, BOOM! there it is, less than a mile away but it looks like it's in your back yard.  Your neighbor's big fucking turbine. You cry, you want to puke, you want to move, you want to destroy whoever was responsible for this travesty. But you can't.  You just have to live with, look at it, and mourn. Every. SIngle. Day.

Not only are you subject to looking at these structures outside, but think of the reflecting surfaces inside your house.  Mirrors, pictures, French doors, everything reflects what is outside ad infinitum.  Once the machines are operable, (and this is where I pray that they all blow up when the switch is eventually pulled) the reflections of the revolving blades will dominate your peripheral vision inside, outside, while you are driving, while you are relaxing on your back deck.

The people who live in Kingston, who seemed to be quite gung ho about this project and accused us of NIMBY-ism when we protested are now having second thoughts.  Perhaps they didn't consider that the turbines would be so big, perhaps they believed they wouldn't have to look at them.  Now they look over and see this once beautiful vista dominated by machines. Now they think Wolfe Island looks like "War of the Worlds".  To tell the truth, that's not such a bad idea.


  1. I think they are gorgeous, I think they are great for the earth. I think you are a stupid, crusty old person that believes that our world will last forever. Well guess what its not going to last forever. Your a whiner! Someone who knows nothing! You sit there and you complain, and you dont even try to see the other side of things: MAKING YOUR OPINION worthless. I know it doesnt matter if I comment. Your too much of coward to show any ones elses opinion but your own.

    Niki Madore

  2. I was visiting Wolfe Island this past weekend and I wanted to look at the turbines for myself. I felt that the wind turbines were quite beautiful and majestic. It would appear that you either love them or hate them.

  3. You want to talk about stupid NIKI MADORE, you're the one who posted a comment under "Anonymous" then proceeded to sign your name...DUH!!! Obviously you are not an Island resident, and your punctuation sucks! try putting a ' when you're writing words like "don't" and "doesn't". I personally think this blog is done up with extreme taste and the writing style is phenomenal, sort of that of an English Teacher. You're the one who knows nothing and obviously don't have anything better to do than to make cheap stabs at someone who is much more intellegent and stronger than you are. Grow up Nikki Madore.